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Double tray Planter with bed marker

Raised Bed Former

The Raised Bed Maker has cultivator tines which are similar to rotor spikes and are fitted on two spirals which meet in the middle of the machine. This configuration can cultivate soil so that large clods are left at the bottom of the bed and small, loose tilth remains at the top. There is a roller at the back to firm the bed up prior to planting which has an adjustment for making ‘over winter’ beds (i.e., not so firm).


  • Adjustable bed height 0.10m to 0.40m
  • Duplex chain drive
  • 3-point linkage categories l & ll
  • PTO speed: 540 r.p.m


  • Power requirements from: 40 h.p.
  • Adjustable bed width: 0.70m to 1.20m


  • Power requirement from: 50 h.p.
  • Adjustable bed width: 0.70m to 1.50m

The Raised Bed Maker is available in two widths:

  • Standard at 1.2m
  • Large at 1.5m

Plastic Sheet Layer

Designed to lay most types of plastic – black, clear, plain or perforated, it is adjustable in width for.5m to 2.5m material. It will operate on raised beds, ridges or on the flat. A positive displacement gives efficient edgeburial. The plastic unrolls itself close to the ground, thus minimizing the amount of wind to get under the sheet during the laying operation. This facility enables the machine to be used under adverse conditions. Inbuilt flexibility allows the machine to leave the plastic stretch tight or rippled loose.


  • Working width adjustable from 0.5m to 2.5m
  • Works behind most tractors with 3-point linkage

Plastic Hole Punch

The Plastic Hole cutting machine is designed to save time on marking out and cutting out plastic sheeting.It is more precise than hand cutting in ensuring spaces are even, and gives a clean cut without leaving loose flaps which are vulnerable to being caught by the wind. The angled wheels run along the sides of the raised bed to keep the machine level and square and to prevent misses, whilst the cutting unit ‘floats’ to follow the contours of the bed. Its main use is on plastic sheet used to cover fumigated land.

Simple, but affective! 


  • Fully adjustable in width and height
  • Variable hole spacing
  • 3-point linkage mounting, cat. I and II

Flat Bar Undercutter

For lifting leeks, radishes, parsnips, nursery tree seedlings etc., an adjustable vibrating bar reduces draft and increases soil agitation. The bar oscillates from the centre. The Flat bar undercutter is a simple robust machine that works well under poor conditions, including wet ground and very dry, hard ground. It leaves the crop standing in the ground in much the same position as before undercutting as is required for leeks, spring onions, etc. The machine comes as a simple flat bar or with digger teeth added for extra agitation.


  • 60″ or 70″ standard working width
  • Different working widths are available to order
  • 25 HP minimum requirement
  • 3-point linkage, category 1 & 2 as standard
  • P.T.O or Hydraulic drive


  • Optional digger teeth on flat bar
  • Depth wheels & cutting discs

Side Tree Lifter

The Side Lifter is designed for use with variable size tractors. It is suitable for lifting trees, roses, shrubs and raspberry canes.The main frame, off set lifting basket and balancing chisel are all of robust construction to with stand arduous conditions. The lifting fingers can be adjusted to the correct agitation to suit soil conditions. It is designed for heavy lifting conditions.The lifting bucket is offset outside the tractor rear wheel, which enables tall plants and trees to be undercut or lifted without damage.

Tree Lifting Equipment

Tree Lifting Machines


  • Lifting basket width: 35cm, 45cm, (40hp tractor)
  • Lifting basket width: 55cm, 65cm or 75cm, (70hp tractor)
  • P.T.O or Hydraulic drive


  • Adjustable height blade
  • Hardened heavy duty bevel edge blade
  • Adjustable vibrating fingers to increase soil agitation and crop clearing


This tractor mounted machine is capable of planting any trees or whips etc that will go into a 3” – 9” groove. The planter also leaves the young trees or whips standing straight and well firmed in, thus minimising heeling in after planting. This is a robust machine, designed to last and last!

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