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Bulk bin Elevator

The Bulk Bin is a purpose built unit designed mainly for the handling of bulk bags of compost. Loose compost is also easily managed with the help of a front loading tractor no more shovelling. Once the hopper is loaded the unit can be started by either an on/off switch, foot switch or a compost sensor to start the chain and flight conveyer and so load your potting bench or potting machine with compost. The conveyer system incorporated in the hopper is a chain and flight style rather than belt: this ensures contact with the compost and minimizes the chance of bridging or blocking. The whole unit can be easily moved around the nursery by lifting with a fork-lift by way of the fork sleeves mounted under the machine.

Feeding a cross conveyor (we can tailor design your bin, be it hopper capacity, conveyor width or discharge height.


  • Unit is powered by a 3-phase motor with either constant or variable speed
  • Single phase option
  • up to 3 cubic mtr capacity hopper chain and flight conveyor
  • Standard discharge height of the conveyor is 1.25 extra height is optional

The Bulk Bin – the best answer for handling bulk materials, bagged or loose!


The Trayfiller is a versatile filling machine, and is designed to fill a wide range of trays, and is equally at home with small plug cells or pot shuttle trays. Variable speed on the compost elevator and tray conveyor flow with minimum compost re-circulation. A double paddle compost distribution system, variable speed vibrator and spiral finishing brush ensure an even fill. Quick to adjust hardware and incremented electrical speed control minimize tray size change over times.

Strength with simplicity and reliability, are the key notes of the design and at an affordable price!


  • Single phase D.C drive
  • 400mm wide variable speed conveyer
  • Tray guides with parallel adjustment
  • 18″ double wheels for ease of movement
  • Double paddle spreading system for even compaction
  • 2 hopper sizes available
  • Sliding trap door for easy cleaning access
  • 8″ rubber castors with brake

Optional: 3m of roller conveyor and stand.

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