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The Trollier was designed to transport the Danish Trolley with ease, enabling it to be moved smoothly over rough ground. This allows the Danish Trolley to be used in usually less accessible areas i.e around the nursery for distributing and collecting orders for re-stocking garden centre plant areas, etc. Rear wheels take more of the weight, thus allowing ease of movement on front steering wheels. The Trollier will become an essential piece of equipment, saving time, effort, frustration and therefore money! There’s no need to spend a fortune on smooth pathways with a Trolley.

  • Wheels: steel centered with 4 ply rated tyres
  • Plastic coated paint work for durability

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Being highly accomplished engineers with lots of experience we can use our skills to manufacture bespoke products. We are often asked for modifications to existing item too. So if you need a trolley a specific width or a specific piece of equipment we can help!