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Do you have a requirement for Stacker Trolleys?


The garden centre stacker is an efficient method of transport for use in garden centres, D.I.Y stores, wholesalers, etc. this style of trollery is designed to hold a large range of goods, from bales of peat to small trees, as well as smaller items such as seed packets, bottles and house plants, which would fit in the top tray. The bottom deck has a 1″ tubular surround for easy loading of heavier items. This allows better visability of the smaller items and of the whole trolley at the till thus speeding up the chekout with less chance of errors.

The trolleys are galvanised for presentation and, most importantly durability. One of the main fetures of the trolleys is their stabling ability – this is particularly useful both when retrieving in quantities from car parks etc, and for saing space in and around the sales area.

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Being highly accomplished engineers with lots of experience we can use our skills to manufacture bespoke products. We are often asked for modifications to existing item too. So if you need a trolley a specific width or a specific piece of equipment we can help!